Amazon Fire TV Parental Controls now let you use a PIN

Amazon Fire TV offers the possibility for parents and guardians to set up parental blocks on the device apps. This prevents any unauthorized person from using apps without permission. It is important to ensure that kids have access to content appropriate for their ages. For example, among the top 10 Kodi addons for Kids there's one that lets you set parental controls within Kodi. However, in the case of Amazon Fire TV parental controls, the problem was that there was no way to use a restricted application without disabling the parent controls entirely. This was a rather annoying situation for parents that required to use an app without disabling the controls. [Read: Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV in a few simple steps]

Fire Tv Parental Controls Image
Amazon Fire Tv Parental Controls Are Now Easier To Use, With A Pin That Allows You To Bypass The Blocking.

Will Amazon Fire TV Parental Controls ever be improved?

Fortunately this is about to change now. Amazon Fire TV Parental controls got updated on the new software version. Now the parental controls can be bypassed simply by typing a PIN code, which the parent or guardian should have. This will enable parents to use any of the apps in the device without having to remove parental restrictions altogether. [Read: Amazon Fire TV apps can now use a 4k interface]

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This change does make things better for those adults who want to let their children use the Fire TV in a responsible way. Although you can't block specific apps just yet, this update is a step in the right direction, to give system owners more control about the types of content and applications that can be used from their device.

Via: AFTVnews.

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