Haystack Amazon Fire TV released: Watch news on AFTV

When you cut the cord, there are certain kinds of content that are harder to get than others. For example, if you are a Kodi user, you could download movies using the Kodi CouchPotato Manager, or get them through a streaming plugin such as the Kodi Velocity Addon. If you want to watch live TV you could install one of the 10 best live TV addons for Kodi, and so on. But, what happens if you want to watch the current news? The things that are trending right now? You search for them on YouTube, right? Well, if you use the new Haystack Amazon Fire TV app, or have used Haystack for any other device in the past, you'll know there's a much better alternative rather than hunting for the news videos yourself. [Read: How to install Kodi on Fire TV without adb and computer?]

Haystack Amazon Fire Tv Categories
Watch News Tailored To Your Interests With The New Haystack App For Amazon Fire Tv

You see, Haystack TV news app is an app that curates and personalizes newscasts from a lot of news providers, so that each user has their own news feed, on things that they care about, and also on things that are of general interest for everyone. With the traditional method of searching on social networks, you usually get whatever you stumble across during your search, missing other things. Also, you don't get a lean-back experience, having to sift through a lot of links instead (a wireless HTPC keyboard helps a lot with this). With Haystack Amazon Fire TV app, you will get the comfortable experience of sitting and letting the content flow. The mix of big data technology and editorial curation behind Haystack, will make your news on Fire TV both interesting and appealing, to your personal taste, as well as keep you informed of what happens around the world.

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What does Haystack Amazon Fire TV app offer? Here you will see some important points about this app:

Haystack Amazon Fire TV app: main features

  • Select favorite categories during onboarding, from current events to movie trailers
  • Add favorite topics anytime to see more stories they like
  • Stream videos continuously for a lean-back viewing experience like switching on any other news channel, or browse to find something specific
  • Watch 'my headlines' for a mix of news or deep dive into a particular channel like Sci/Tech or Late Night

Below you can find some screenshots to better illustrate the Haystack Amazon Fire TV app experience.

Haystack News App Topics
Lots Of Topics Are Available For You To Get News About Them, And Never Miss Anything Of The Things That Matter Most To You.
News On Fire Tv Haystack App
Browse Your Headlines In A Graphically Appealing Way, Getting Curated Content Directly Delivered To Your Screen.
Haystack Fire Tv Playback
Take A Look At Other News That Might Interest You, Directly From The Playback Menu.
Haystack News Aftv
From Tailored Content To The Most Relevant News Of The Day, Haystack Is Your Go-To App To Stay Informed With Quality Content.

If you are an Amazon Fire TV user, don't forget to try this amazing news app. It's free! If you use any other OS, you can also use Haystack: it's available on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, Android mobile, and Android TV. Never miss any news with Haystack Amazon Fire TV app!

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