Kodi Paradise Skin Review: a highly customizable skin

The Kodi Paradise skin is a clean and smooth interface plugin for Kodi. This skin will make your Kodi experience better. Kodi Paradise has lots of customization options. Because of this, you can tweak it to your liking. You can customize menus and change background images. Kodi Paradise skin includes some widgets that add functionality to some screens within its interface. Let's take a look at this nice Kodi skin in this Paradise Skin review. [Read: 6 Best Kodi skins in 2015 to enhance your media center]

Kodi Paradise Skin Menu
The Kodi Paradise Skin Offers A Clean And Snappy Interface That's Quite Nice To Look At.

The Kodi Paradise skin will greet you with a nice beach background image. It evokes being on vacation at a paradise-like location. The light colors used as well as the color scheme (white over turquoise) feel a bit off at first. However, once you see the other features of the Kodi Paradise interface, this stops being an issue. The Kodi Paradise skin theme kinda grows on you. This skin is visually pleasant and can also be customized. In our Paradise Skin review we noticed that the ribbon menu can hold up to 6 custom items. These items can also have submenus. This skin is better used with a wireless HTPC keyboard for precision, although it fully supports mouse actions.

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Kodi Paradise Skin: easy access to lots of visualizations.

In fact, if you use the Kodi Paradise skin and want to switch visualizations, the mouse will help you a lot. On some screens it is impossible to switch by using the arrow keys to bring a context menu. However, the context menu is always available from the top-left corner. It allows you to switch among several neat ways to organize your media.

Paradise Skin Review Shift
The Shift Visualization Features A Low Ribbon Made Up Of Square Logos, Ideal For Browsing Installed Addons.

The visualizations themselves are appealing and their use is very straightforward. Some of them feature media information along with images. These make it easy to identify the media from far away. Some other menu options from the Kodi Paradise skin are heavily visual. These feature little information, but still look good. Regarding widgets, there are several interesting ones you can use on the Kodi main menu items. These go from weather widgets to active addon lists. Addon list widgets can be browsed from the main menu to launch one of the installed Kodi addons. [Read: 10 best Kodi movies addons in 2015 for your HTPC]

Kodi Paradise Skin: visualizations and widgets

Kodi Paradise Interface Addon List
You Can Switch Visualizations Easily Using The Context Menu, Accessible From The Top Left Corner.

Kodi Paradise Gui Lowlist
The Low List Visualization Shows Fanart, Media Information And Cover Neatly Organized For An Easier Browsing.

Paradise Gui Review Kodi Infowall
The Infowall Visualization Is Great To Check Several Media Items At Once, While Still Getting Information About Them.

Kodi Interface Skin Paradise Bannerwall
The Banner Wall Visualization Shows Thin Horizontal Banners And Media Information On Your Screen.

Paradise Interface Kodi Posters
The Posters Visualization Gives You A Media Cover Ribbon And Fanart Backgrounds.

Kodi 3D Skin Paradise Showcase
The Showcase Visualization Is Similar To The Posters Visualization. It Has Smaller Covers And A Different 3D Effect.

Paradise Skin Widgets Addons Kodi
You Can Configure Widgets That Give You More Usability. An Example Is This Addon Browsing Widget On The Top Right Corner.

Kodi Paradise Skin: Do you recommend this skin?

Kodi Playback Menu Paradise Skin
A Fully Featured Seeking Bar And Osd Menu Make It Easier To Interact With Media During Playback.

The Kodi Paradise skin features a fully functional seeking bar, and widgets. These allow for better usability than other skins we have previously analyzed. I would recommend giving a try to the Kodi Paradise interface and seeing if it fits your needs. In case it doesn't, we have lists with more skins for you to try. Read our 10 best Kodi skins for touchscreens list, and the 5 best skins for Kodi on Raspberry Pi. Enjoy customizing the look and feel of your Kodi media center interface with these skins!

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