Nulaxy 2.4g Review: A good option to control your HTPC

We usually want a device that can serve many purposes once we purchase it. We want, of course, a greater deal for our money. This is the reason why, when I come across a keyboard as the one I'm about to review today for you, I know it is a good option, and a very good candidate to become your best HTPC keyboard. In this article you will find a Nulaxy 2.4g review; this is a keyboard released in 2015 which, although it has a fairly low price, it meets also several expectations, not only as an HTPC keyboard, but also as an air mouse, and even an IR TV remote. [Read: A simple yet awesome IR Raspberry Pi remote control for $5]

Nulaxy 2.4G Review Compact Size
The Compact Size Of This Keyboard Was A Nice Point To Consider In Our Nulaxy 2.4G Review

With this HTPC wireless keyboard review, we want you to make an informed decision about whether to get the Nulaxy 2.4g or not, in order to control your HTPC in a comfortable way. You can also read with us about the best wireless HTPC keyboard and mouse options in 2015, or, if you'd rather not spend money on any new devices, no matter how cheap they are, you can also compare between two software-remote apps for Android, and let us help you decide whether to install Yatse or Kore on your mobile device. You can of course always purchase a device like the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro, which comes with a gamepad included, or use the NVIDIA SHIELD Remote with it, which is sold separately.

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Anyways, without any more delay, let's see what makes this keyboard a strong candidate to be called the Best HTPC Keyboard of 2015, in this Nulaxy 2.4g review.

What are the strong points in this Nulaxy 2.4g review?

If I had to define this keyboard with one word, it would be: versatility. Gyroscopes, IR sensor, full QWERTY keyboard, all in a tiny, yet comfortable package, priced at just under 22 dollars, the Nulaxy 2.4g is a strong candidate to become the Best HTPC Keyboard Mouse in 2015. I have read countless wireless keyboard reviews, and usually these keyboards focus on just one aspect and do it well; however, according to our Nulaxy 2.4g review, this is a device that can be used for home entertainment and professional presentations, with 8 programmable TV function keys. It basically can be used to navigate, search, point at content, and many other things, which makes it really a good addition to any HTPC setup.

Nulaxy 2.4G Review All Angles
Here's A Look At The Keyboard From All Angles, Essential For Our Nulaxy 2.4G Review.

The mouse boasts easy calibration, although it is recommended to have alternative control methods incase this device needs re-calibration -which it might, from time to time-. The keyboard offers really good similarities to typing on a smartphone, and since it is a physical keyboard, you will not be lost when you type, as you might on a touchscreen. This is a key point which is necessary to emphasize in our Nulaxy 2.4g review, since some users really benefit from that keyboard feedback, which allows them to type faster without having to look at the keys.

The USB receiver makes this device compatible with a broad array of devices; all you need in order to use this HTPC remote keyboard is a USB port to connect the receiver into. Its rechargeable lithium battery provides a working period of 31 hours and an astonishing standby time of about 160 days, so you will not find yourself recharging this device too often. Rechargeability is a nice addition to this home theater wireless keyboard, because it avoids you the hassle of spending money on disposable batteries, and this is a key point on our Nulaxy 2.4g review. As with all lithium batteries, you should be careful when charging this device, since lithium batteries can bulge up and render themselves unusable if they are not properly charged; however, when used correctly, they are a life saver for all your electronic appliances.

Nulaxy 2.4G Review Usb Receiver
The Nulaxy Couldn't Be Called A Best Htpc Keyboard If It Didn't Come With An Usb Receiver.

Would you say the Nulaxy 2.4g is the best HTPC keyboard?

There are many options on the market, such as the Logitech K830 wireless HTPC keyboard, and even software options such as Kore, the official Kodi remote and Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi remote; however, it all boils down to taste. If you want a relatively inexpensive and very useful keyboard, which you can take anywhere, while using it as an HTPC remote or a wireless presenter, and take advantage of its air mouse capabilities and rechargeability, then this Nulaxy 2.4g review could point you in the right direction and help you acquire this nice addition to your HTPC, which will provide you with greater comfort and usability.

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