Raspbmc October Update released – 2014

Raspbmc is a minimal Linux distribution based on Debian that brings XBMC to your Raspberry Pi. While Raspbmc offers great features, it has been found to fall behind on speed and fluidity compared to other media center OSes. This post introduces the recently released Raspbmc October update 2014.

Raspbmc October Update
Raspbmc Interface

What's New in Raspbmc October Update 2014

Raspbmc October update brings just a few and improvements listed below on top the changes in XBMC 13.2 Gotham:

  • Add support for the HiFiBerry DAC+ (For Model B+). There is also some progress on getting the Wolfson card supported.
  • Raspbmc will now send its hostname to routers for easier identification
  • Fix for JPEG decode error in Raspbmc Settings addon
  • Removal of Arora web browser to prevent crashes
  • Updated NOOBS image to fix relax loops and provide already updated filesystem
  • Updated standalone image so new users spend less time updating
  • Fix for RT-5370 WiFi not working on NOOBS images
  • Fix for intermittent issues booting NFS and USB installs (initramfs)
  • Fix an issue when installing Raspbmc via OSX Yosemite
  • AirPlay fixes for iOS 8
  • Fix issues that occur with audio playback on incomplete DTS frames
  • Updated Pulse-Eight CEC library to version 2.2
  • Full fix for the Shellshock vulnerability
  • memcpy/memset optimisations in kernel space

Here is the link to the official Raspbmc October update release announcement. There may be bugs in this new update and somethings may break. Read through the comments to make sure that there are no major issues.

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There is also exciting news about the new upcoming Vero, the new upcoming OSMC device. Look for the kickstarter campaign to begin anytime now.

How to Install Raspbmc

Ubuntu Installation and Configuration
Install Raspbmc using NOOBS

Upgrade Instructions

Some early adopters have experienced system freeze during boot. Make sure to read the newest comments in the release announcement before jumping in.

Raspbmc Update Instructions

Enjoy the Raspbmc October update.

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