Transmission 2.92 Released: Installation and Upgrade

Transmission bittorrent is one of the most commonly used bittorrent softwares on Linux and Mac platforms for a long time. Compared to qBittorrent and Deluge, configuration of Transmission can be quite tricky but once done you have a very stable bittorrent client. This post introduces the recently released Transmission 2.90, 2.91 and 2.92 updates.

Transmission 2.92
Transmission 2.92

What's New in Transmission 2.90, 2.91 and 2.92?

Since our last publication, covering the 2.84 release, Transmission introduced three releases, most of which address the routine bug fix updates.

Transmission 2.92 comes with the following fix for Mac Client:

  • Build OSX.KeRanger?.A ransomware removal into the app

Transmission 2.91 comes with the following fixes:

All Platforms

  • Fix to include Windows patches into source archive
  • Fix miniupnpc script to handle spaces and other special chars in paths

Mac Client

  • Prevent crash during group rules removal in some cases
  • Fix failure to remove seeding completion notifications from notification center
  • Show main window and scroll to torrent on notification click
  • Fix issue on Yosemite where peers view didn't occupy all the available space when web seed view was hidden

Qt Client

  • Fix existing running instance detection and torrents delegation when using DBus


  • Fix building on Windows x86
  • Add --blocklist-update argument description to transmission-remote man page
  • Use -rad as short form of --remove-and-delete option in transmission-remote

Transmission 2.90 comes with the following instruction for Mac Client:

Mac Client

  • Immediately update to 2.91 or delete your copy of 2.0. Some copies of 2.90 were infected by malware.

Transmission 2.90 comes with the following fixes:

All Platforms

  • Fix renaming torrent files with common prefix
  • Fix some more thread safety bugs in the tr_list datatype
  • Fix infinite loop when removing torrent data
  • Add support for CyaSSL/WolfSSL and PolarSSL cryptographic backends; bump OpenSSL minimum to v0.9.7
  • Initial CMake build system support
  • Many improvements to support Windows builds with MSVS and MinGW; drop XP/2003 support, only Vista and up now
  • Allow building against system UTP and DHT libraries
  • Fix several memory leaks and buffer overflows
  • Support miniupnpc API v14
  • Fix "prefetch-enabled" value type in settings.json (boolean instead of integer)
  • Fix some issues discovered by static analysis (cppcheck, coverity)
  • Fix invalid JSON encoding for non-printable characters
  • Fix multi-threaded locale use when encoding/decoding JSON data
  • Fix encrypted communication with libevent 2.1+
  • Prevent completed pieces modification by webseeds
  • Require absolute paths in RPC requests
  • Fix and unify torrent origin display in GTK+, Qt and web clients
  • Fix crash on session shutdown (evdns_getaddrinfo_cancel)
  • Retry if RPC server fails to bind to specified address
  • Improve error checking on metadata retrieval
  • Improve UTF-8 validity checking (merge changes from LLVM)
  • Don't build transmission-cli by default (it's long deprecated)

Mac Client

  • UI fixes for OS X 10.9+
  • Trim potential URIs from clipboard
  • Allow downloading files from http servers (not https) on OS X 10.11+
  • Change Sparkle Update URL to use HTTPS instead of HTTP (addresses Sparkle vulnerability)
  • Fix global options popover layout
  • Fix building with Xcode 7+
  • Drop OS X 10.6 support

GTK+ Client

  • Fix overshoot and undershoot indicators display with GTK+ 3.16+ in main window
  • Don't require DISPLAY if started with --version argument

Qt Client

  • Improve performance in Torrent Properties dialog for torrents with lots of files
  • Prevent entering file renaming mode with mouse double-click
  • Add context menu on files tab of Torrent Properties dialog resembling that of Mac client
  • Remove torrent file from watch directory even if "show options dialog" is not set
  • Use theme-provided icons in system tray and About dialog
  • Fix initial watch directory scan
  • Improve filter bar look and feel; lots of other small visual fixes; RTL layout fixes
  • Show message to the user when duplicate torrent is being added
  • Improve magnets handling in main window
  • Display notifications via tray icon if D-Bus is not available
  • Show notice on top of filtered torrents list; clear whole filter on notice double-click
  • Add proper compiler flags to indicate C++11 use
  • Fix translation files loading
  • Add Chinese (China), German, Indonesian, Italian (Italy), Korean, Polish (Poland), Ukrainian translations; update existing translations


  • Run as service on Windows when in background mode
  • Rework directory watching, add support for native mechanisms on BSD/Darwin (kqueue) and Windows (ReadDirectoryChanges?)
  • Don't make assumptions of remote path validity in transmission-remote

Web Client

  • Content Security Policy enhancements
  • Enable "resume now" for queued torrents
  • Mark appropriate fields in preferences dialog as HTML5 number fields
  • Update to jQuery 1.11.2, jQueryUI 1.11.4; use jQueryUI menus instead of custom ones

The complete changelog for Transmission 2.90, 2.91, 2.92 and other releases can be found here.

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Upgrade Instructions

If you have not added the PPA repository yet, then add it first using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa

Then update your packages cache and upgrade:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Enjoy the new fixes and improvements of the latest version.

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