5 Best Android apps for music server streaming

When we talk about media servers, we immediately think about video streaming. The truth is that a media server can be used to deliver audio and can be used to stream music to any room in your house. Store all of your music files in one place and receive them on a client app on any device. In this article, we aim to find you the best Android music server app to browse the content of your media server. Each Android audio server app selected is free with a few containing in-app purchases.

5 Best Android apps for music server streaming

The Google Play store offers many of the  best music streaming app for Android options. I have whittled the list down to the five that I think are best suited and provide the best features. Each app has been selected for both its server connectivity capabilities and for its audio enhancing features. They are not listed in any particular order and I recommend that you try each Android audio server app to find what works for you. [Read: 15 best music streaming apps for Android: Streaming music on Android devices]

1. Plex

The first best Android music server app featured is Plex. If you have experience with media servers then you will have undoubtedly heard of this product. Plex provides the best streaming experience and is not just for video. Put simply, Plex makes your music collections beautiful with full cover artwork for each of your albums and artist information. It will also provide the very best visual and audio streams. Plex is one of the apps that offers further purchases to bring more to your experience. You can unlock these features by purchasing what is known as a Plex Pass. [Read: 5 Must have Android apps for HTPC or Home Server control]

The full solution offers tools such as mobile syncing to allow your audio tracks to be played away from your server. Mood mix plays tracks to suite different moods or Plex Mix will select similar tracks to ensure that you only listen to what you like. You can even receive onscreen song lyrics to your tracks and enjoy your own karaoke set. The Plex app requires a Plex Media Server. [Read: 5 Best Plex Client Devices 2017: Plex TV Boxes to Stream from Server]

Plex Music Streaming App For Android
Plex Client

2. Emby

Next on our Best Android Music Server App list is Emby. Emby is very similar to Plex in that it offers its own media server solution and shares common features. If you have an Emby server then the you can make full use of a feature rich app that will deliver your music libraries to any device. Emby is free to use out of the box but you get many advanced features with the Emby Premiere subscription package. This includes: cover art to make you libraries look stunning, mobile synch to listen to your music offline, access to Podcasts and Alexa voice support. Emby sits side-by-side with Plex as one of the leading media server solutions and its Android app will fully enhance your music streaming experience. [Read: Setup Emby Server with Raspberry PI 3 – Media Streaming Server]

Emby Audio Streaming Client For Android

3. Subsonic

If you are about to create your music server and want something with more affordable premium features then try Subsonic. With many of the other solutions in this list they were initially designed with video streaming in mind whereas with Subsonic music is clearly the key focus. It also has perhaps the best music streaming app for Android that you will find to receive your streams on. As you can see from the image the interface is clean and concise and focuses on just what you need. Connect to your server and begin music streaming. Subsonic plays a range of audio file types and songs are cached for offline use. You can also use the app as a remote control for your Subsonic server. The Subsonic Premium service which opens the door to many additional features is available for just $1 per month! [Read: Install Subsonic on Ubuntu – Streaming Server Music and Videos]

Subsonic Audio Server Client App For Android
Subsonic Android App

4. Ultrasonic

If you have a Subsonic server and want to try a different client then Ultrasonic is your best music streaming app for Android. In my opinion one of the best features of Ultrasonic is its simplicity.  Download and install this Android audio server app, connect to the server that contains your music and begin streaming. The app acts as a jukebox interface allowing you to create playlists and save bookmarks. The app will allow you to connect to multiple servers if your files are not all in one place and supports offline mode for if you are moving away from your server. There is no feature overkill with Ultrasonic and the app is extremely fast to both navigate and access your content. Ultrasonic is an Android audio server app for Subsonic servers.[Read: Icecast Ices2 music server for Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi streaming audio server]

Ultra Sonic Android Music Streaming App
Ultrasonic Android App

5. XenoAmp

If you want the best Android music server app when it comes to server diversity then try XenoAmp. Unlike the previous apps listed in this post XenoAmp is not built with a single media server type in mind. Stream from file shares on a Windows PC (SMB), DLNA/UPnP Servers, Subsonic Servers, cloud storage services like Dropbox and many more. Not only this but XenoAmp comes with audio calibration tools allowing you to create sound profiles to optimise your sound for different locations or headphones. [Read: 9 Best video streaming apps for Android: Movies, TV shows, sports, and more]

With XenoAmp you can connect to just about anything and hear the very best possible sound. XenoAmp downloads cover art for you to make your collections look nice and offers lyrics, voice control and many more top features. XenoAmp is a best music streaming app for Android that does so much more than simply receive from your server. [Read: Install Headphones using Docker – Automatic Music Downloads]

Xenoamp Audio Streaming Dlna Upnp App
Xenoamp Android App

Best music server streaming apps for Android: Final thoughts

There are many great music server solutions out there and home streaming is not just about video. Download an Android audio server app onto your smartphone or tablet device and receive your music anywhere. Each app offers different features from box art and lyrics to playlists and calibration tools. Ensure that the app you choose supports your media server types and find one with a feature set to suite your needs. Each best Android music server app in this list is free to download so give them all a try now.

Which Android music server apps do you recommend?

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