5 Reasons to use Plex instead of Kodi and 5 reasons not to

More and more users want to make a change and migrate from Kodi to Plex. While media streaming popularity rises, the way that media is consumed is important. Today I will show you 5 reasons to use Plex and 5 reasons against it. After reading this article, you should be able to make a decision and see Plex is better than Kodi or not for your use case. Without further ado, let's begin.

5 Reasons to use Plex instead of Kodi

Both Plex and Kodi are excellent media center software options. However, Kodi is a home theatre PC (HTPC) software alternative. Whereas Plex is a media server solution.

1. Plex is compatible with just about anything

Because Plex depends on a central server that manages all media available, the Plex apps can be run on just about anything. Plex currently supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, gaming consoles, and other distros. Plex can be even used in a web browser. This degree of compatibility makes it one of the best reasons to use Plex for media playback, and also why Plex is better than Kodi. Please note that this range of compatibility comes with a cost. If you are not a Plex Pass subscriber, you need to pay a one-time fee for each platform you run the Plex app. On Windows, macOS, and Linux, the Plex app can be used free of charge. [Read: How to install Plex on PS4 – Use your PlayStation 4 as a Plex client]

Plex Apps Are Compatible With Multiple Operating Systems And Devices - Reasons To Use Plex
Plex Apps Are Compatible With Multiple Operating Systems And Devices

2. Easier to use

One of the other reasons to use Plex instead of Kodi is the ease of use. For experienced users, this is not a problem. But for beginners and other non-technical users, it's great. Plex offers an inututive interface that can be used by anyone without having to go through a learning curve. Besides that, having the same interface on all the compatible Plex apps is another plus why Plex is better than Kodi.

Plex Sports An Easy To Use Interface - Reasons To Use Plex
Plex Sports An Easy To Use Interface

3. Watch history is synced between players

By using Plex instead of Kodi for your media streaming, you get the great functionality of having the watch history synced between players. When you start a TV Show season, you can easily grab another device and continue from where you left it. This feature eliminates the need of remembering the episode you previously watched, so this can add to the reasons yo use Plex instead of Kodi. Unfortunately, Kodi does not have this feature because it relies on the local database for the device you use. The functionality can be unofficially implemented with the Kodi MySQL setup for sharing media library.

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4. The Plex server can be shared with other users

Not long ago, Plex was the only way you could share your media library with others. Kodi implemented this feature recently but not at the same degree compared to Plex. On Plex you can add users to your Plex Media Server which can offer multiple reasons to invest into a server and it's one of the reasons Plex is better than Kodi.


5. Ability to stream your content anywhere

The ability to stream your media files anywhere you have an Internet connection is one of the main reasons to use Plex. With Plex Media Server, you can stream on multiple devices at the same time. Even if this feature depends on your use case, having the ability to stream your content remotely is a nice feature to have in the future. [Read: 5 Best Plex Client Devices 2017: Plex TV Boxes to Stream from Server]

5 Reasons not to use Plex instead of Kodi

1. A server is required to run Plex

In order to run Plex, you need a server running Plex Media Server. When playing media trough the Plex apps, you need a server to serve the media files. This requirement is usually completed by using a server with a powerful CPU. If there is no need for transcoding you can setup Plex Server with Odroid C2 or a similar low-powered device and achieve the same functionality.

A Plex Server Is Required - Reasons To Use Plex
A Plex Server Is Required

2. The basic interface from Plex may not be that great for power users

While a basic interface can be a plus for a lot of users, power users can be disappointed. The Plex interface on most Plex apps has the basic controls to play media but this may not be enough for power users. This inconvenient can be also solved by using a player like OpenPHT, and then install a skin like AeonNox for OpenPHT. The interface can be a reason why Plex is better than Kodi for some, but it may also be one of the negative reasons to use Plex instead of Kodi.

Aeonnox Skin For Plex In Openpht - Plex Is Better Than Kodi
Aeonnox Skin For Plex In Openpht

3. Kodi is open-source while Plex is not

Kodi has been developed from the start as an alternative to proprietary media players. Being open-source, Kodi is offered freely to users and it's actively supported by a large community. On the other hand, Plex is owned by Plex Inc. Being a company, they work on Plex in order to create revenue. They charge money for premium features available in the Plex Pass subscription. Besides this, apps need to be purchased before enjoying the flexibility Plex provides.

Kodi Is Open Source While Plex Is Closed Source - Plex Is Better Than Kodi
Kodi Is Open Source While Plex Is Closed Source

4. Fewer add-ons on Plex compared to Kodi

If you rely on add-ons to access your media on Kodi, make sure you check them in advance. O Plex, the notion of add-ons is not know, but they are called Plex Channels. Even if the popular Kodi add-ons are available as Plex Channels, this may not be enough for some users. So in short, the lack of add-ons can be one of the negative reasons to use Plex instead of Kodi. [Read: 10 Best Plex Unofficial Channels 2017: Movies, TV Shows, Live TV]

Ccloud Listccloud Unofficial Plex Channel List - Plex Is Better Than Kodi
Plex Has Fewer Add-Ons Compared To Kodi

5. Plex transcodes your media files

When using a slow Internet connection for streaming media, the Plex Server transcodes the files to save data. While this can be considered a plus, when using a low powered device as your server, playback performance can be limited. The transcoding process is also triggered when you are streaming media on incompatible devices. If the device used does not have the capabilities to run the streamed content, transcoding is triggered. If you are running a powerful server capable of multiple transcoding streams, then this may not be an issue. [Read: Medium Budget 4K HTPC Build 2017 for Kodi, Plex and Gaming]

Wrapping up

I hope that after reading this article you can take an educated decision if Plex is better than Kodi or not. If you plan to move from Kodi to Plex, make sure you check the 5 tips for users moving from Kodi to Plex. If you want the best from both worlds, you can also combine Plex and Kodi to get the features of both using PlexKodiConnect.

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