CouchPotato 190e1d2c Update: Installation and Upgrade

CouchPotato, is an awesome automatic movie downloader and organizer and a perfect companion for your XBMC media center. A new update (190e1d2c) is now available for CouchPotato. This post describes the changes in the new CouchPotato 190e1d2c update and provides instructions on how to update your CouchPotato.

Couchpotato 190E1D2C

What's New in CouchPotato 190e1d2c

CouchPotato 190e1d2c update brings few minor fixes and improvements, some of which are listed below:

Jan 05, 2014
RuudBurger Speed up userscript info getter by removing actor info 9df7f7b
RuudBurger Move actor images to dict a158716
RuudBurger Limit title and actor search for tmdb 623f6f3
RuudBurger Don't return empty actor roles f13cddf
RuudBurger Set default timeout c23b014
RuudBurger Create reusable url opener 5ef0c52
RuudBurger Don't try wait when not between time is given afc4f73

Jan 06, 2014
RuudBurger Add quality test name. closes #2664 7e6d9c0
RuudBurger Clean tags from beginning of string. fix #2654 4cdf715
RuudBurger Don't continue with bitsoup if table isn't found. fix #2633 5e24b11

Jan 07, 2014
RuudBurger Add category_id to api docs 28aa908

Jan 10, 2014
RuudBurger Update requests lib 91f3cda
RuudBurger Use requests lib for openurl c256843
RuudBurger Update renamer to not trigger twice … a408cc0
RuudBurger Disable verify for now c15dd2d
RuudBurger Image download wasn't working anymore 07c7171
RuudBurger Remove path on fail 5cc471c
RuudBurger Don't search for movies with year to far in the future fb9d52c
techmunk Only request needed torrent ids from deluge. 99b99a9

Jan 11, 2014
RuudBurger Catch timeout errors when xbmc isn't available 516cbd7
RuudBurger Only add trailer to known quality list. fix #2684 c948f38
RuudBurger Don't show empty title on re-add f0b096d
RuudBurger Don't fire async event inside an already async event bf2beb2
mano3m Add incomplete folder support to Transmission 9df0e01
mano3m Log overwriting of metadata files … 464c8ad
mano3m Add logging 0393b51
mano3m Add custom_tag field to newznab b0e93ee
mano3m Abort rename when something fails … 794efaa
mano3m Downloader cleanHost … 05c4146
mano3m Fix encoding issue cc32e49

Jan 12, 2014
RuudBurger Queue multiple media refresh 9e69d4e
RuudBurger Style `custom tag` input … 2fad29d
RuudBurger Split identifier by know tag if possible c4f4e2b
RuudBurger Don't normcase in sp function c9e9fe8
RuudBurger Lowercase compare 6e9c36a
RuudBurger Custom tag was never defined d318e16

Jan 13, 2014
Ruud Higher z-index for userscript popup. fix #2703 907b40e
RuudBurger Normcase in folder compare f8820c0
RuudBurger Log as debug for file overwrite 279297b
mano3m Migrate rTorrent options 3bb44f8
mano3m Log with system encoding 72457d8
RuudBurger Update movie info getter with better exception handling 8d44577

Jan 14, 2014
Ruud Add group to untag release 8a11f24
Ruud Variable cleanup a9f416c
Ruud Log when there is an actual problem with the filedata download. fix #… … 37d4755
fuzeman Fixed issue retrieving seeders and leechers which caused searching to… … 4147c5b

Jan 15, 2014
fuzeman Fixed encoding bug that caused the blackhole downloader to fail 13abe62
RuudBurger Log version at start. fix #2708 790415d
RuudBurger Allow config delete 894e419
RuudBurger Remove prints and actually save deletion 81949b9
RuudBurger Catch maxretry error … 6cc8029
RuudBurger Catch xbmc turned off error 5ea13ee
RuudBurger Remove debug variable f52cbd2
techmunk Only request needed properties from deluge, and fix error when CP ask… … 8648b2f

Jan 16, 2014
Ruud Set proper branch in version file 7eee6f0

Jan 17, 2014
RuudBurger version.master dbaa377
RuudBurger Change cachekey if info not extended d9b9447
RuudBurger Don't return .text in urlopen 082da6e
RuudBurger Speedup automation getinfo b3f1f93
RuudBurger Force year as int on tmdb info. fix #2725 161e308

Jan 18, 2014
mano3m Store username and pass in cleanhost … 6388d97

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The complete list of changes and fixes in CouchPotato 190e1d2c update is available here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation (Or you may use the 1-step installer)
Windows Installation
CouchPotato Configuration Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

There are many ways to update CouchPotato. If you installed from git following our Ubuntu installation guide, then you may cd into ~/.couchpotato and issue git pull command:

cd ~/.couchpotato
git pull

You may also get the CouchPotato 190e1d2c update by clicking "Update to Latest" from the settings menu or click on the update notification that appears on top of the screen (shown below).

Couchpotato Update Notification
Couchpotato Update Notification

On windows, you may also just choose to download the latest installer from CouchPotato website and install over existing installation.

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