Study: More people are cutting the cord nowadays

There is a consumer trend nowadays where many users are shifting from cable companies to TV-on-demand streaming services. Users put forth many arguments to explain their sudden preference for streaming services. Price is definitely a reason, as services like Netflix or Amazon Video cost around 5 to 10 times less than traditional cable providers. Consumers are cutting the cord because of bad channel selection as well. The content on online platforms seems richer and of a better quality. For example, Netflix incorporated HDR media recently, and Amazon Fire TV 4k apps expand the quality beyond the media and into the user interface. [Read: A new way to watch Netflix in-flight will take off soon]

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With The Current Rise On Cordcutting, What Does The Future Of Media Streaming Look Like?

How many more people are cutting the cord these days?

Lots of people are ditching cable services. 8.2 percent of consumers ditched cable entirely, while a staggering 45.2 percent said they reduced their cable services package. This practice, otherwise known as "Cord Shaving" is sometimes the first step into cordcutting. The rise on cordcutting is also due to the fact that more people enjoy binge-watching shows nowadays. Consumers value that they can look at an entire season of a show if they wish. This is something you can achieve as well if you use Kodi Live TV addons, for example. In the case of Kodi, there are often no costs to the end user.

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What does the future hold? If the current rise on cordcutting keeps its pace, it's safe to assume that in the next decade (or perhaps sooner) cable services will become irrelevant. In the meantime, if you plan on ditching cable, take a look at our guides and tutorials. Perhaps all you need is a good Android media stick with the best Kodi addons, in order to relax and watch your favorite shows and movies.

Via: TechCrunch

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