Intro to cord cutting: Hulu Live TV review – Live TV plus on demand

Intro To Cord Cutting Hulu Live Tv Review Hero

Cutting the cord is a feasible venture. However, after shedding the shackles of traditional pay TV cable or satellite providers, content delivery comes via over-the-air (OTA) sources or streaming. While many streaming outlets including Netflix and Amazon Prime offer on-demand content, cable replacement services like Hulu TV yield live TV … read more

5 Best home theater projectors 2018: Best projectors for movies, gaming, and more

Best Home Theater Projectors 2018 Hero

The power and efficiency of home projectors are growing, while cost and size keep shrinking.  There is a large selection of affordable and impressive hardware for those who want to measure their screen size with a yardstick. Whatever your interest, the best projector for movies, or the best projector for … read more

12 Best torrent sites in 2018: Top torrent sites in 2018

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Although streaming, both legally and illicitly, continues gaining popularity, downloading persists as a primary means of content aggregation. While Usenet remains a tenured service, BitTorrent stands as the go-to for downloading movies, TV shows, music, and more. Check out the best torrent sites in 2018! Top torrent sites in 2018: … read more

How to setup a VPN on Amazon Fire TV

VPN on Amazon Fire TV is the greatest, most wonderful experience there is. Amazon Fire TV VPN setup is usually not something I can get excited about. You have all kinds of configuration files and sloppy tutorials written in the previous decade. You have to worry about installing other software, … read more