Nvidia Shield TV adds 4K Google Play Movies and TV support

The Nvidia Shield TV ranks as arguably the best streaming media box. When it launched in 2016, the Shield TV arrived as a beefy media streamer. A 2017 re-design further honed Nvidia's offering as one of the top streaming media devices. It sports superb hardware in its Nvidia Tegra X1 APU. Running Android TV, the Shield TV currently runs Nougat. Notably, it's an excellent Plex client device usage with its fantastic specs, and may even double as a Plex server. According to PC Mag, the Nvidia Shield TV clocked 1,574 frames in the Car Chase GFX OpenGL benchmark. Its vast 4K support and game streaming technology a la GameStream makes the Nvidia Shield TV a phenomenal streaming box. Now the Shield TV adds 4K support from Google Play. [Read: Step-by-Step Nvidia Shield TV 2017 Setup Guide with Screenshots]

Nvidia Shield Tv 4K App Compatibility.

Nvidia Shield TV adds 4K support for Google Play Store

Whereas the Nvidia Shield TV arrived with 4K and HDR media support, this feature remained contingent on providers. As per a an April 25, 2017 update, the Shield TV is not capable of tapping into 4K video from Google Play. There's both casting and playing functionality in this 4K update. Coupled with 4K content from Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, the Nvidia Shield TV further posits itself as a leading streaming media box. [Read: 20 Best Streaming Apps for Nvidia Shield TV 2017: Movies, Music & More]

Plex Media Server on NVIDIA SHIELD Pro

The Nvidia Shield TV runs Android, so you can install Kodi, and use these 5 Kodi skins that lend both performance and looks to your Nvidia Shield TV. A truly versatile device, you can easily sideload apps on the Nvidia Shield TV with ES file explorer, or try these three Nvidia Shield TV launchers for easy app sideloading. After setting up your Nvidia Shield TV, try these seven tweaks for customization and enhanced performance.

With its additional 4K compatibility with Google Play content, the Nvidia Shield TV remains one of, if not the, best streaming device available. Your turn: are you using an Nvidia Shield TV? Which streaming media boxes do you recommend?

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