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20 Best Streaming Apps for Nvidia Shield TV 2017: Movies, Music & More

Do you know about the newest device from NVIDIA, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2? If you are planning to buy it, or have already got your hands on it, you will need apps to put it to good use. Luckily, if you want to stream content on Android, you have lots of options. There are several legal Android streaming apps you could install on your device. You could instead get one of these free Android streaming apps and enjoy movies and TV shows completely free. Besides these apps, we want to present to you today this list with the 20 best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017.

If you need to keep your browsing and online activities secure, you should make sure to install and use a VPN when connecting to the internet. We explained what is a VPN in an earlier post, if you want to know more about it. Try out these NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 apps for streaming and enjoy the great Android TV experience this device has to offer! [Read: 7 Nvidia Shield TV Tweaks to Perform After Initial Setup]

Best Streaming Apps For Nvidia Shield Tv 2017 Image
With These Apps For The Nvidia Shield Tv 2 You Will Get Lots Of Interesting Content And Features For Your Device.

20 Best Streaming Apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017

1. Kodi

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Kodi | SmarthomebeginnerYou probably know this app very well. It's the most famous application to get your personal media on the big living room screen (or any screen, for that matter). Kodi can be customized with lots of addons, like these 10 best Kodi movies addons. This alone might be enough to provide a decent experience regarding content, however, there are still lots of applications you could try. Still, Kodi is the best app you could possibly rely on if you want to play personal media or media from external sources. [Read: 6 Must have Kodi addons for Broadcast TV streaming]

2. Youtube

Stream Legally Android YoutubeThe largest video service on the planet, YouTube is another application you will find yourself installing as soon as possible on your device. If you are looking for streaming Android apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 model, then YouTube is a good option. Lots of content from lots of creators around the world, will make your NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 provide you with many hours of entertainment once you install YouTube Android app on it. [Read: You might soon be able to watch YouTube Live TV]

3. Sling TV

Stream Movies Shows Android Sling TvThe biggest issue when cutting the cord is being able to keep watching live TV with your new setup. Sling TV offers a service that allows you to stream live TV from several TV stations, directly through the internet, to your big screen. It is a paid service, but if you decide subscribing, this is one of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 apps for streaming that will bring you the most dynamic and up-to-date content you can possibly watch on your device. [Read: 6 Must have Kodi addons for Broadcast TV streaming]

4. PlayStation VUE

Legal Apps Streaming Android Playstation VueYou can watch your favorite TV shows on-demand with this application. Though it is a subscription service, PlayStation VUE is one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 you can find. It brings you your favorite shows in a good quality. With PlayStation VUE you can also watch sports, which makes it a good thing to have if your favorite sport is in season. The plans are a bit expensive compared with other alternatives, so just take a look at what it offers and decide if it's worth subscribing to it. [Read: 10 best Kodi sports addons in 2015 for your HTPC]

5. Netflix

Legal Android Movie App NetflixThe successful subscription service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows, as well as original content. Netflix is possibly the most popular paid alternative to watch your favorite content on your media center. It plays along nicely with the enhanced HDR capabilities present in the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2. Netflix HDR content has been available for a while, and with devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2, this will only increase in the future, making Netflix one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

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6. Hulu

Legal Android Tv App HuluHulu free content alternatives were dropped, and it became a 100% paid service. Nonetheless, the plans they offer are affordable and you can stream TV shows and content in a very short time after they have been aired on normal TV. Hulu offers good quality content options and a great library to choose from. Fees start at $7.99 per month, which is low compared to its competitors, though Hulu does show ads with its content, so that's a negative point. Still, it is a good app to consider for your new NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2.

7. Amazon Video

Android Apps Stream Legally Amazon VideoThis was an app completely missing from the first NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which was felt by many and possibly influenced their decision to purchase. However, it is now available for the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2. Essentially, now you can access the huge library of content available from Amazon with this device, as if it were an Amazon Fire TV 4k. This app brings lots of content options to your living room. As this device is also voice compatible, you can select content with your voice with this app and the Google Assistant AI.

8. Plex

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Plex | SmarthomebeginnerYou have two ways to set up a home server. Either you build one yourself with this energy efficient HTPC-NAS combo build guide, or you get an NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2. With the new addition of the NVIDIA SHIELD Plex Server app, as well as the traditionally available Plex client application, you can pretty much use Plex in whichever way you want with this device. Stream your media anywhere within your home or anywhere else with the NVIDIA SHIELD Plex server app! [Read: What Plex Client Hardware is Right for You?]

9. Twitch

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Twitch | SmarthomebeginnerGameplays, gaming events, funny videos about gaming. You name it, Twitch has it. With the contribution of thousands of creators around the world, Twitch is by far the largest gaming-video platform available. E-sports and the newest games find a place here. Of course, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 is a gaming/streaming console, so it's only logical it would fully support Twitch. Immerse yourself in the most amazing adventures as you see your favorite content creators play your favorite videogames! [Read: Amazon Video content will be available to stream via Twitch]

10. PBS Kids

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Pbs Kids | SmarthomebeginnerThe little ones will have hours of entertainment with this app. PBS Kids brings all the kid-friendly content from PBS to your device, for free. With this app, they can also enjoy the advantages of having the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 at home. This makes the PBS Kids app one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2, at least for the smaller audiences. Whenever your kid uses this app, you will know they are having safe and fun content specially made for them, and will be able to keep them occupied whenever necessary. [Read10 Best Kodi kids addons - Cartoons, TV, and more]


20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Showtime | SmarthomebeginnerThis app offers live content from the SHOWTIME cable network, directly on your SHIELD TV device and ready for streaming. When you subscribe to this app, you can watch live broadcasts of their original content and some sports, as well as enjoy on-demand access to past airings. When you first download and install SHOWTIME on your NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2, you will benefit from a 30-day free trial. After that, and if you like their content, you have the option of subscribing to their service.

Some apps may contain pirated content. Consider using legal streaming apps or a VPN ($3.29/mo).

12. Terrarium TV

Stream Tv Shows On Android Terrarium TvYou can always install apps that you would get on a normal android device. After all, there's the option to Sideload Apps on Nvidia Shield TV 2017 with ES File Explorer. If you go down this route, your options expand dramatically. One such app you could install, giving you full access to movies and TV shows, is the Terrarium TV App. Completely free, this app lets you stream your favorite content with little to no hassle. If you want one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017, then Terrarium TV is definitely one of the top picks.

13. SPMC

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Spmc | SmarthomebeginnerYou will probably think that I am repeating recommendations here, since SPMC is a Custom XBMC or Kodi Alternative for Android. However, there is a reason why both have to be listed. Kodi is the most well known, and the top pick. However, the SPMC developer has included bugfixes and optimizations on its SPMC Releases, specifically aimed towards Android TV and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV family of devices. Consider installing SPMC for maximum compatibility and performance! [Read: Guide: How to install SPMC on Android TV box devices?]

14. MX Player

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Mx Player | SmarthomebeginnerSometimes you just want a video player, without all the fuss of added features and content. Still, you probably want it to be a good media player. This is where MX Player steps in. This video player for Android takes advantage of hardware acceleration (which is nice in a device such as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2). With its multi-core decoding, you can stream from a previously set up home server and have your media play in the best possible quality. MX Player is surely an app worth of taking a look at.

15. Megabox HD

Watch Free Movies On Android Megabox HdWith Megabox HD you can stream and download media to your NVIDIA SHIELD TV device, making this one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Easy to navigate and browse, Megabox HD lets you select and get media in qualities ranging from 360p to 1080p. If you use it with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV connected to your screen, you probably will not need the integration with ChromeCast, but nevertheless, it's one thing that this app offers as well. [Read: Quick Chromecast 2 review: colorful and cheap screencast]

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16. CBS All Access

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Cbs All Access | SmarthomebeginnerYou could watch CBS broadcasts over-the-air, but the CBS All Access app lets you do that, and also get access to their impressive library of on-demand content, in high quality, ready to be streamed through your new NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Initially, to test if this app is one of the best streaming Android apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017, a one-week trial is offered. After that, it requires a subscription payment. This gives you access to live and on-demand content as well as classic shows like Star Trek and I Love Lucy, without ads.

17. Redbull TV

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Redbull Tv | SmarthomebeginnerAre you a fan of extreme sports and in dire need of exciting new content? Grab your new NVIDIA SHIELD TV device and test one of the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV focused on extreme sports and competitions. Surfing, cliff diving, mountain biking. You name it, this app has it. There are also several content options ready to be viewed in 4k, which looks amazing with the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV and a compatible television set. [Read: 10 best Kodi sports addons in 2015 for your HTPC]

18. Disney Movies Anywhere

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Disney Movies Anywhere | SmarthomebeginnerThis app is free to download, but it offers the option to buy Disney movies within it. This app is not only directed to cartoons or content specifically aimed at kids, but rather at a wider variety of audiences that will be able to watch movies from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and Disney•Pixar. The app also offers the option of offline viewing, which is great for those times where a network connection is not readily available, such as flights. [Read: A new way to watch Netflix in-flight will take off soon]

19. TuneIn Radio

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Tunein Radio | SmarthomebeginnerLet your eyes take a break and your ears take control. Sit back and listen to your favorite radio stations from anywhere around the world with this app. TuneIn Radio is an online service that lets you listen to radio streams with the most varied set of topics, music genres and languages. It is also present in some other platforms, and even as an addon for Kodi with the TuneIn Radio Kodi addon. There is also a Pro version, which gives you access to games from NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL, as well as ad-free radio stations, for a fee.

20. TellyBean TV

20 Best Streaming Apps Shield Tellybean Tv | SmarthomebeginnerWell, there you have it. You can stream music, radio shows, TV shows, movies. What else could you possibly want? Well, if you have a webcam connected to your NVIDIA SHIELD TV, then you can use TellyBean TV to make video calls to compatible TellyBean devices with the app installed. The image quality is crystal clear and it probably is very comfortable to chat with someone else from your TV. All of this is possible because the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV now features webcam support. [Read: Quick CoolWell V4 Review: Octa-Core TV Box with camera]

As you can see, there are lots of options for you to consider, when looking for the best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2. The options are nearly limitless with such a capable hardware present on that device. They can only increase as new apps and features are developed over time. For now, and if you want to make the most out of these best streaming apps for NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2, you can apply these 7 Nvidia Shield TV Tweaks to Perform After Initial Setup. Of course, if you have not set up your NVIDIA device yet, we recommend you have a look at this Step-by-Step Nvidia Shield TV 2017 Setup Guide with Screenshots. Explore the options that your NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2 offers, with our guides and tutorials!

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