Quick VOYO V1 Review: a powerful Windows device

In this VOYO V1 Review we take a look at a Windows device that's small, yet powerful. VOYO is a device manufacturer that has surprised us in the past with good hardware alternatives. For example, their VOYO Mini PC is ideal as a silent and compact HTPC device. The VOYO V1 brings even more features to the table, because it can play 4K media. VOYO V1 specs also allow for some gaming on the big screen. In this VOYO V1 Review you will see that this is a customizable device, since you are able to buy it with an extra 128 GB SSD for increased storage. The extra space goes very well with apps such as Kodi for Windows. [Read: Guide: How to install Kodi on Windows in three easy steps]

Voyo V1 Review Image
Voyo V1 Mini Pc - 4Gb Ram+32Gb Emmc+128Gb Ssd.

$215 Reg: $458 (Code GBV1N4 - Expires Nov 23, 2016)

VOYO V1 Review: great value for less money

At first sight, the price tag in this VOYO V1 Review might seem a bit steep for customers (You can get the VOYO V1 Mini PC from GearBest at a discounted price of around 220 bucks if you follow the link). However, the hardware included in the VOYO V1 Mini PC is well worth the extra bucks. Not only will you be future-proofing your HTPC setup with this device, but also getting more things done with your mini PC on the living room screen.

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There are some drawbacks, like for example, the device not supporting external storage beyond the 512GB. However, this is a secondary factor if you use the device mostly for streaming. You can take a look at the VOYO V1 specs below:

Voyo V1 Mini Pc Device
Compact And With An Elegant Design, The Voyo V1 Mini Pc Is Available In Two Colors: Royal Blue And Tyrant Gold.

VOYO V1 Review: Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Mini PC
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphic
  • System: Windows 10.1
  • CPU: Intel Pentium N4200
  • Core: Quad Core
  • RAM: 4G
  • RAM Type: DDR3L
  • ROM: 32G
  • Maximum External Hard Drives Capacity: 512GB
  • Color: Golden,Rose Gold,Royal Blue
  • Decoder Format: H.263,H.264
  • Video format: 4K,4K x 2K
  • Audio format: AAC
  • Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
  • Support 5G WiFi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
  • Power Supply: Charge Adapter
  • Interface: 3.5mm Audio,DC Power Port,Mini HDMI Female,RJ45,TF card,USB3.0
  • HDMI Version: 1.4
  • Power Comsumption: 12W

As you can see from its technical specifications, the VOYO V1 Mini PC is a device with decent connectivity options, including USB 3.0 ports for greater performance of external storage and peripherals.  Low power consumption means that this device will not be a huge load on your electrical bill, allowing you to save money while offering you a good entertainment option.

VOYO V1 Review: Should I buy this device?

Voyo V1 Specs Ports
Several Ports On The Back Of The Device Offer You Lots Of Connectivity Options.

At about 230 bucks, the VOYO V1 Mini PC is a great option if you want to update your media center device. The fact that it uses Windows means you can install several applications such as Kodi, or keep your browsing secure with IPVanish for Windows, as well as use productivity apps on the big screen and even play some PC games. It is essentially a PC on your living room, so if you want to perform various tasks on the big screen and have a good 4k media playback option, then perhaps the VOYO V1 is a device you should consider purchasing.

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