Wireguard Windows Setup [2021]: Powerful VPN for Windows

Wireguard Windows Setup Header - Smarthomebeginner

Want to use your Windows system as a VPN server for your devices to connect as clients? This guide shows Wireguard Windows setup in detail. After Wireguard’s inception in Linux, it has been ported to nearly every other operating system. We published an introduction to Wireguard for beginners, in a … read more

5 Media Manager Applications to Organize Your Media Files

5 Media Manager Applications To Organize Your Media Files

Media libraries can grow and it is not uncommon to have thousands of files in your collections. If you do not organize movies, TV shows, music, and photos well, things can quickly get out of control and your server can become messy. Fortunately, Kodi media center provides tools to manage … read more

Quick VOYO V1 Review: a powerful Windows device

Voyo V1 Review Image

In this VOYO V1 Review we take a look at a Windows device that’s small, yet powerful. VOYO is a device manufacturer that has surprised us in the past with good hardware alternatives. For example, their VOYO Mini PC is ideal as a silent and compact HTPC device. The VOYO V1 brings … read more