Kodi Windows Store installation method is now available

Kodi Windows Store Image

Kodi Windows Store installation option is now available. You have been able until now to install Kodi for Windows in the usual way, which is to download an executable file from the Kodi download page and then install it like you would install any application. However, there’s a disadvantage to doing it … read more

Guide: How to configure OpenVPN on Windows

Configure Openvpn On Windows Image

If you want to use VPN with your Windows apps to provide you with a secure experience, you’re in luck. We presented a tutorial before about installing the OpenVPN client on Windows. While we did not tell you how to configure it then, we are about to amend that. This configuration … read more

Guide: How to install OpenVPN on Windows HTPC

Install Openvpn On Windows Image

To use a VPN on Kodi while using a Windows device, you need to first install a VPN client on Windows itself. Mostly, Windows VPN connnections are handled by applications external to Kodi (running on your OS), while there are addons that act as an interface within Kodi. A similar … read more