5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared

While there are tons of smart home connectivity technologies, Samsung SmartThings ranks among the best. A bevy of hubs including the SmartThings Link for the NVIDIA Shield TV make cobbling together a smart home simple. Additionally, SmartThings supports loads of devices, from smart speakers to door locks, security cameras, and more. Among the easiest and most affordable smart home upgrades, you'll find are light bulbs. Check out the top SmartThings light bulb options available in 2018! [Read: Best SmartThings compatible devices - Top 15 choices in 2018]

What is Samsung SmartThings?

As the name suggests, Samsung SmartThings is an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solution. SmartThings functions with a smart home hub at its core which communicates with the various smart devices in a network. With several different smart home protocols, SmartThings uses Zigbee and Z-Wave. [Read: 5 interesting and must-know facts about Z-Wave automation protocol]

What is a SmartThings Light Bulb?

Simply put, a SmartThings compatible light bulb is a light bulb which syncs with a Samsung SmartThings hub for smart home control and automation. Light bulbs for SmartThings will operate on either Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols and communicate with a hub.

Using a SmartThings app for your preferred operating system (OS) such as Android or iOS, you'll be able to turn lights on and off, set up routines to perform certain actions when triggered like shutting lights off or dimming the brightness, and even change colors.

Best Smartthings Light Bulb Options in 2018

Which SmartThings light bulb options you pick will be based on your needs as well as the size of your light fixtures. Most standard light fixtures take A19 bulbs. But you can still choose between color-changing lights, as well as soft white vs white light. For white, you'll find soft white (2700K; has yellowish tinge) and daylight (5000K; close to bright white) options available. Plus, you can snag full-color bulbs as well.

So let us look at some of the smartthings compatible light bulbs available at this time.

1. Sengled Smart LED Bulbs - Daylight WhiteSoft White, or Multicolor

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - sengled

The first smart bulbs I ever owned were a pair of Sengled smart bulbs which came bundled with my Samsung SmartThings Link for the NVIDIA Shield TV. They're affordable, and pair easily. To get your Sengled bulbs into pairing mode, merely turn on the bulb, then flick your switch off and on 10 times quickly, ending in on position. The bulbs will blink a few times indicating that they are in pairing mode. Then, search in the Samsung SmartThings app. [ReadSamsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub – Which one is better for whom?]

Sengled offers its Samsung SmartThings compatible light bulbs in either daylight or soft white. Plus, you can purchase Sengled bulbs standalone, or in two, four, and eight packs. They're dimmable, simple to pair, and affordable making for a solid, barebones smart light. Aside from SmartThings, these lights work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (through smartthings or with a separate Sengled hub). Onboard, you'll find SmartThings and Wink compatibility. For recessed lighting, Sengled offers a BR30 version of its smart lights.

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - Sengled

Similarly, Sengled offers a multicolor version of its A19 bulb. With its RGBW settings, you can change to 16 million different colors. Not only is this a SmartThings light bulb, but you'll find Google Assist and Amazon Alexa compatibility as well .

Sengled's color A19 for SmartThings comes in a one, two, and four pack as well as a starter kit with hub, and a starter kit complete with an Echo Dot. I've used Sengled's color bulbs along with its white LEDs, and it's high quality. Colors are a breeze to change in the SmartThings app, Alexa app, and using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice controls.


  • Easy to pair
  • Available in daylight, soft white, or multicolor
  • Come standalone or as 2, 4, and 8 packs
  • Dimmable
  • Affordable (much cheaper than Philips Hue
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings


  • Dimming is not great - even the lowest dim is quite bright

2. Sylvania LIGHTIFY ZigBee Adjustable White A19 and SMART+ ZigBee Full Color A19

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - Sylvania Lightify

Alternatively, Sylvania makes high-quality light bulbs for SmartThings. Its dimmable white A19 bulbs and full-color SMART+ SmartThings compatible light bulb. If you're using the Sylvania ZigBee bulbs with a Samsung SmartThings hub, you won't need the optional OSRAM LIGHTIFY gateway. Like Sengled bulbs, you can integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa for control with the Google Home or Echo Dot.

Its bulbs are a bit more expensive than the average Sengled LED. Nevertheless, they're still quite affordable and competitively priced. Because I've used both Sylvania and Sengled color and white SmartThings light bulbs, I can vouch that both are high-quality, long-lasting, and simple to pair. For an recessed lighting, try the BR30 variant of the Sylvania LIGHTIFY series.


  • Easy to pair
  • Available in white and full-color
  • ZigBee technology
  • Optional OSRAM LIGHTIFY hub available
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings


  • Not the least expensive, though still affordable
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3. Cree Connected LED Bulb A19

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - Cree

Cree offers an inexpensive, functional, light bulbs for SmartThings. These come in daylight or soft white, and as a standalone bulb or six-pack. Wtth a 25,000 hour rated life, these are guaranteed to brighten your room. In addition to being SmartThings compatible light bulbs, Cree Connected bulbs work with Amazon Echo devices, Wemo, Wink,  and ZigBee hubs.


  • Long-lasting 25,000 hour rating
  • Available in daylight or soft white
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, ZigBee, Wemo
  • Comes as a 1 or 6 pack
  • Easy to pair


  • None

4. Philips Hue A19

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - Philips Hue

Among the most renowned light bulb manufacturers, there's Philips with its Hue lineup. You'll find Philips Hue bulbs in white and color ambiance or white ambiance. In addition to its A19 bulbs, you can pick up BR30 lights in white and color ambiance or white ambiance.

Unfortunately, Philips Hue bulbs come at a premium. These rank among the most expensive bulbs for SmartThings on the market. Moreover, whereas most SmartThings compatible light bulbs merely require a SmartThings hub to work, the Philips Hue array necessitates a Philips Hue bridge as well. It not only adds a level of connectivity complexity but also more expense. Yet its bulbs are high-quality and long-lasting.


  • Long-lasting
  • Available in white and color ambiance
  • High-quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to pair


  • Expensive
  • Requires Philips Hue bridge in addition to SmartThings hub

5. LIFX A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

5 Best SmartThings Light Bulbs in 2018 – Reviewed and Compared - LIFX

Check out LIFX for awesome SmartThings light bulb offerings. Its Wi-Fi bulbs work with Amazon Alexa and dim while also changing to different shades of white and color. With 16 million colors and a 22.8-year lifespan, these are ridiculously simple to set up. [Read: 5 Best Smartthings Garage door sensors in 2018 – reviewed and compared]

Compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa, LIFX's smart light bulbs function with a variety of technologies. Thus, you can configure routines and automations however you please.


  • Works with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa
  • 16 million colors
  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality
  • Bright


  • Expensive

Top Light Bulbs for SmartThings in 2018: Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you'll find loads of SmartThings compatible light bulb options. Cree, Sengled, and Sylvania provide the most affordable bulbs. Philips Hue delivers stellar quality, albeit at a price. Additionally, unlike the majority of SmartThings light bulbs which sync directly with a SmartThings Hub, you'll need a Hue hub as well. Essentially, this means you're using a hub behind a hub.

For more Samsung SmartThings compatible lighting options, check out the Philips Hue Bloom dimmable LED smart table lamp. You'll also find Sylvania SMART+ strip lights and Philips Hue strip lights which function flawlessly with SmartThings.

Your turn: What Samsung SmartThings light bulbs are you using?

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