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adbFire 2.01 Released: Installation and Upgrade

adbFire App for Amazon Fire TV

written by Anand November 16, 2015

adbFire is a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) companion program for Amazon Fire TV and Android Kodi/XBMC and its forks. It simplifies several tasks around installing and managing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and Stick. The best thing is, it does not require your Fire to be rooted to perform Kodi operations. It can install Kodi, FireStarter, sideload apps, etc. On rooted AFTV, it offers more functions such as installing ClockWorkMod, Upgrade/Downgrade firmware and more.

adbFire App for Amazon Fire TV

adbFire App for Amazon Fire TV

adbFire 2.01 Released: What's new?

Earlier this year, Jocala released adbFire 2.0 which was updated to work with the new Fire TV 2015 and Fire OS 5. This update brings, several improvements.

  • Autoconnect turned off, no autoconnect at startup, edit or other routines.
  • Edit validation routines added for description, device address, package-name and file path.
  • New field "root path" added to device record. Tracks where Kodi data is installed. e.g. /sdcard/, /storage/sdcard1/, etc.
  • Cache write to advancedsettings.xml moved to standalone dialog XBMC preset removed from device setup.
  • MainWindow set to fixed size.
  • Splash Screen and Cache buttons added to main window
  • Standard and root function buttons moved into separate groups

The complete changelog for adbFire 2.01 can be found here.

Installation and Configuration Instruction

adbFire Installation and Configuration

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adbFire Update Instructions

Updating adbFire is quite easy. When you open adbFire you will see the following notification. Click on "Yes".

adbFire Update Notification

adbFire Update Notification

Then download .zip file for the latest version and extract it. Finally, from your previous version's folder, copy adbfire.db file and copy into the extracted folder for new version.

Restore adbFire Database

Restore adbFire Database

This restores your devices database and you won't have to re-add your Fire TVs from scratch. You may now delete the previous version of adbFire and start using adbFire 2.01.

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