Kodi Phenomenal Skin Review: smooth and visually appealing

These are the adjectives I would use to define the Kodi Phenomenal skin. Visually appealing because my first impression was that this skin resembles the Back Row Kodi skin. A theater themed background is the first sight that greets you when using this skin. Yet, as I went on to use it, I realized the Kodi Phenomenal plugin resembles the Kodi Metropolis skin more, because it offers several interesting visualizations to be used. This, and the fact you can change visualizations via a menu, instead of cycling through them, make the Kodi Phenomenal Skin one of the best Kodi skins currently available. It's also smooth because there's little delay or lag while using this skin, which is always a welcome thing. [Read: 10 Top Kodi skins for tablets and smartphones]

Kodi Phenomenal Skin Main Menu
The Phenomenal Skin Main Menu Background Resembles A Theater, Just Like The Kodi Back Row Skin.

You can use the Kodi Phenomenal skin with a mouse, or a keyboard, so it's advisable to get a keyboard and mouse combo to go with it, if you don't have one yet. You can also use the directional arrows present in apps such as Kore, the official Kodi remote. With the arrows, whether it is a keyboard or a remote app, you can choose from a plethora of visualizations, focused on bringing information about your media in a condensed way. Some of them will show you the year the movie was first released, the duration, a rating for the movie, and even some information about the plot. These bits of info will be combined with fanart and covers, that sometimes include images of spinning discs giving the Kodi Phenomenal interface a nice touch.

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Kodi Phenomenal Skin: a very customizable skin

What the Kodi Phenomenal skin offers, besides a decent amount of visualizations, is the ability to be configured in detail, from theme color to tile placement. The Kodi Phenomenal skin is integrated with the skinshortcuts script, to provide flexibility in arranging the homescreen menus. An advantage of using this script is that the settings can potentially be shared across skins if they use this script as well. Skins using this script allow for greater degrees of customization than regular ones. [Read: Kodi KOver Skin review: make your own Kodi skin]

You can see some visualizations from the Kodi Phenomenal skin in the pictures below.

Kodi Phenomenal Plugin Fanart
The Fanart Visualization Presents A List Of Media, Info About Your Media And A Cover And Disc Image To Give It A Nice Touch.
Kodi Phenomenal Interface Poster
The Poster Visualization Shows A Cover Ribbon On The Bottom Part Of The Screen And Lets You Select Media Easily.
Kodi Phenomenal Gui Showcase
The Showcase Kodi Skin Shows A Cover Flow On The Bottom, And Media Information On Top.
Skin For Kodi Phenomenal Wide List
The Wide List Visualization Shows Fanart Of Your Media On The Background, As Well As A Media List And Information Panel.
Interface Phenomenal For Kodi Icons
The Icons Visualization Lets You See Several Movies Or Tv Shows At Once, For Easier Browsing.
Plugin Phenomenal For Kodi Pictures
The Pictures Visualization Shows Media Covers, With A Bigger Space Between Them Than The Icons Visualization.

Kodi Phenomenal Skin: do you recommend it?

Playback Menu Kodi Phenomenal Skin
The Playback Menu For The Phenomenal Skin Is Very Complete And Useful, And Features A Fully Functional Seeking Bar.

The Kodi Phenomenal skin is an interesting interface plugin that allows you to design your own experience, with a bit of patience and work. This, together with the several visualizations offered by this skin make the Kodi Phenomenal plugin a neat addition to your Kodi HTPC. If you want to explore more skins, and own a Raspberry Pi, how about browsing these 5 best Kodi skins for Raspberry Pi? You could also spice up your Kodi experience in your Amazon Fire device with these 5 skins for Amazon Fire TV. Make your Kodi install look exactly like you want it, and surprise your guests with these amazing Kodi interfaces!

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