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Kodi Titan skin review: this skin will surprise you

written by Alejandro April 22, 2016

Before you start to wonder if I made this title on purpose, just to bait you into clicking on something unimpressive, please let me tell you that I had a very good reason to try and get your attention in such a way. The Kodi Titan skin is the most surprising skin I have seen yet. We included the Kodi Titan plugin in our 10 best Kodi touchscreen skins list before, so you already know it is a good skin if you're looking for a change in your Kodi GUI. Could it be one of the best Kodi skins that could currently be downloaded for this media center application? Let's find out:

Kodi Titan Skin main menu

The main menu on the Titan skin shows rectangular banners for all the different options.

First things first: this skin looks amazing. The Kodi Titan skin has visualizations that show you the media information in a very concise and complete way. The interaction with the Kodi Titan addon skin is smooth, and snappy fast; though, at times, the context menu for this addon is difficult to hide (there's no clear way to hide it, other than going back a level, and then returning to your menu). This is, however, a minor annoyance on the Kodi Titan skin, and should be minimized with the use of a wireless HTPC keyboard, or an appropriate remote app, such as Kore, the official Kodi remote app for Android. [Read: Guide: How to install Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi Remote?]

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Kodi Titan skin: what is so surprising about it?

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Kodi Titan Plugin visualizations

34 visualizations available on the Titan skin, make it the skin with the most different ways to browse your media, that I have seen until now.

Now, let's get into what made me write that vague title in the first place. A sensation of initial surprise when browsing the Kodi Titan skin, similar to the one you will feel when you browse the possible visualizations you can get with this Kodi GUI interface. 34 different visualizations!! This makes the Kodi Titan skin one of the best in terms of visualization versatility. Put this together with the fact that you can use about 11 pre-made color themes, as well as create your own, and the Kodi Titan skin pretty much lets you create your own skin in any way you see fit. In this regard, the Titan skin for Kodi would stand a Kodi skin comparison against the likes of the Kodi KOver skin and the Kodi Phenomenal skin.

You can check some of the visualizations in the screenshots below, but believe me, there are way more visualizations you can choose if you're using the Kodi Titan skin.

Kodi Titan Addon list

The list visualization is very complete, presenting a list of content, media information and a media poster image.

Titan interface for Kodi banner list

The banner list visualization presents media information and two columns of banners, ideal for browsing TV shows.

XBMC Titan skin extended

The extended visualization shows long media cards with fanart and media information on them.

XBMC Titan plugin landscape

The landscape visualization shows cards on screen with media fanart and information.

XBMC Titan addon panel details.

The panel details visualization shows small media icons and media information. Ideal for browsing big libraries or addon categories.

XBMC Titan GUI panel square

Panel square focuses on showing several items at once, in square frames. This is the best visualization for browsing addons.

Kodi Titan GUI poster row.

The poster row visualization includes a 3D media ribbon with media covers and a simulated disc on top.

Kodi Titan skin: would you recommend it?

Titan GUI for Kodi playback menu

Fully functional OSD menu, and a useful seeking bar, let you take control of your media with Kodi Titan.

This is one of the skins I would definitely recommend in a heartbeat. It's amazingly versatile. You can use it with most input methods, even touchscreens. You can set any color theme you want, and you have lots of previsualizations to choose from. The Kodi Titan skin has an useful OSD playback menu where you can change Kodi video options and Kodi audio options, and even add subtitles to Kodi. It also features a fully functional seeking bar, making it easier for you to watch specific parts of your movies. To summarize, the Kodi Titan plugin brings lots of customization options to your HTPC, and makes it even more comfortable to browse your menus and watch your media. It is also free of charge, so go and give it a try today.

Write for Us: Competitive pay. Familiar with Smart Home Automation, Media Streaming, HTPC, and Home Server topics? Tinkerers and hobbyists preferred. Writing experience not required. APPLY HERE.
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